This educational society, known as Sociedade de Instruçao da Arquidiocese de Goa e Damao (Diocesan Society of Instruction) was established and registered with the ‘ Conservatoria dos Registos das Comarcas das Ilhas de Goa em 30-11-1962 sob o No. 107 a fls. 62 do livro C. de Matricula ( pg.62, Book C of Registration)’.

On the Societies Registration Act of 1860 being made applicable to Goa, the Society was re-registered with the Office of the Registrar of Societies on May 13, 1974, under Serial No.466 as Sociedade de Instruçao da Arquidiocese de Goa e Damao, henceforth known as Diocesan Society of Education in English.

This Society is founded by the Roman Catholic Church of Goa, under the powers conferred by the Constitution of India, Art.30 (1) and the Canon Law of the Church to promote, safeguard and organise systematically the education of youth, both Christian and non-Christian at all levels, conducive to make them enlightened, loyal and useful citizens to our Motherland. (ref. Can.795 and Decree on Christian Education, Vat. Council II) as well as to procure for its catholic students formation and education based on the principles of Catholic doctrine under the control of the competent ecclesiastical authority (ref. Can. 803, # 1 & # 2) through the means of religious instruction, liturgical activities, etc.

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